updated: 8/2021


The International Honor Society for  Economics
Theta Chapter
  - Rutgers
Department of Economics
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
202 New Jersey Hall
New Brunswick New Jersey 08901-1248
848 932 7363 Fax (732) 932 7416 e-mail

Membership is open to all students who have a demonstrated interest and achievement in economics at Rutgers NB, regardless of major.

Applicants must have completed at least 4 economics (220) courses at Rutgers New Brunswick (transfer courses cannot be used) with an overall GPA of at least 3.5 and at least a 3.5 GPA in economics courses taken at Rutgers NB up to the date of application.

To Apply fill out the online application form here
You will receive an acceptance email within a few weeks (or less). In the meantime, feel free to join any ODE activities (notifications by email). Membership is only available to current Rutgers New Brunswick undergraduate and graduate students.

In some cases, for students who do not yet meet all the requirements, interim membership is available.

Faculty Advisor  Neil Sheflin


Background. ODE is one of the largest academic honor societies in the world, dating back to 1915. The Theta chapter at Rutgers University in New Brunswick was chartered in 1969. In addition to fostering closer ties between students and faculty and enriching and expanding its membersí knowledge of economics, ODE also provides international recognition of outstanding academic achievement in economics, awards a number of prizes for outstanding contributions, and provides opportunities to present papers at annual meetings and publish in The American Economist, the Journal of Omicron Delta Epsilon.


 RECONS, the Rutgers Economics Society




ODE - Omicron Delta Epsilon - Theta Chapter

The International Honor Society in Economics