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    Professor, Department of Economics
    Director, Program in Criminal Justice
    Rutgers University
    75 Hamilton Street
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    (848) 932-8653
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"In Prison State, Bert Useem and Anne Morrison Piehl take on the social and penological critiques and alarms over the increase of imprisonment in the US. Through a meticulous evidence-based exploration, they seek to go beyond conventional wisdom and provide much needed empirical data on the causes and consequences of the US prison buildup.... Prison State is original and stands out in a sea of scholarly work on prison growth." - Canadian Journal of Sociology
Among other things, in this book we show that crime rates have a nonlinear relationship to prison populations.  As the prison population continues to increase, albeit at a slower rate, after three decades of phenomenal growth, these findings provide an important caution that for many jurisdictions, the point of accelerating declining marginal returns may have set in. 
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