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The International Honor Society for  Economics
Theta Chapter
  - Rutgers
Department of Economics
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
202 New Jersey Hall
New Brunswick New Jersey 08901-1248
848 932 7363 Fax (732) 932 7416 e-mail

To join ODE – you must have at least 4 economics courses (220) completed at Rutgers New Brunswick with a 3.4 gpa or better (in 220 courses) and an overall gpa of at least 3.0. If you meet the qualifications, click   here    to complete the online application form. You will hear back from ODE with 2-4 weeks. 


Welcome to the 2016-17 Academic Year

This site and the signup information below is for full members (or applicants for full membership) in ODE.  See below for ODE full membership requirements. Most activities for ODE will be joint with RECONS.  You are invited to attend all ODE events and activities once you have applied.

For program information, look at the RECONS site


ODE - Omicron Delta Epsilon - Theta Chapter

The International Honor Society in Economics

ODE is one of the largest academic honor societies in the world, dating back to 1915. The Theta chapter at Rutgers University in New Brunswick was chartered in 1969. In addition to fostering closer ties between students and faculty and enriching and expanding its members’ knowledge of economics, ODE also provides international recognition of outstanding academic achievement in economics, awards a number of prizes for outstanding contributions, and provides opportunities to present papers at annual meetings and publish in The American Economist, the Journal of Omicron Delta Epsilon.

Eligibility. To be considered for membership, students must have a strong interest in economics and completed at least 12 credits of economics courses ( 220 courses) AT RUTGERS, and have a B+ (3.4) average in economics and a B average (3.0) overall.  One need not be an economics major or minor.

You are invited to attend all ODE events and activities once you have applied.


Activities. ODE sponsors a series of informal brown bag luncheon roundtables with faculty, focused on economic policy issues. In the past these have included discussions of alleged discrimination in professional sports, the justification for public support of higher education, the economics of crime, etc. In mid to late fall, there is a new-member induction. ODE also sponsors an annual macroeconomic forecasting competition Each year, there is a Voices of Experience evening in which alumni return and discuss their experiences, provide advice, and discuss career issues with ODE members. There are also periodic skills and career sessions. Outings to the Fed, the New York Stock Exchange and other relevant destinations have been organized in the past..

Additional information.  Look at the ODE website: 
econweb/  or email Professor Sheflin sheflin@ or check with the economics office 202 New Jersey Hall  848-932-7363