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Fall 2014 - click on course name below for syllabus
Introduction to Macroeconomics 220:103:01    CAC MTh 11:30-12:50 Scott 123
Money and Banking
220:301:02    CAC MTh 9:50-11:10 Murray 210
Byrnes Seminar: Money  Tuesday 9:50-11:10 New Jersey Hall 105

Winter reading list here

Spring 2015 - see above for Fall semester syllabus - we will be using the same FREE online textbook.
Introduction to Macroeconomics 220:103:01    CAC MTh 11:30-12:50 Scott 135
Introduction to Macroeconomics
220:103:08    DC MW 3:55pm-5:15pm Hick138
Honors Introduction to Macroeconomics 220:103:H1   CAC MTh 9:50-11:10 Murray 301


ODE  The International Economics Honor Society 

CQE The Certificate in Quantitative Economics

Hiroki Tsurumi Gala
Monroe Berkowitz memorial

Dorothy Rinaldi Extravaganza


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