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"Financial Constraints, Bankruptcy Regimes and Firm Dynamics" 
[current draft]
The paper extends a simple agency model of firm dynamics to allow for a reorganization bankruptcy
regime as an alternative to the traditional liquidation regime.

"From Institutions to Financial Frictions and Growth: What are the Links?" (with Andrés Fernández) 
[current draft]
We present an integrated overview of the literature linking institutions, financial development and economic growth.

"Investor protection and optimal contracts under risk aversion and costly state verification"
current draft]
I study the role of 
imperfect  investor protection in shaping the terms of the optimal contract when borrowers are risk averse and state
verification is costly. I derive  some new formal results and present quantitative results for some parametrizations of the contracting problem. 

"Capital Flows and Sudden Stops: History, Theory and a New Estimation" (in Spanish with A. Vargas).  Originally published in
 Coyuntura Economica Vol. 37 No. 2, Fedesarrollo; Bogotá; February 2008. Reprinted in:  Monetaria, CEMLA, Vol XXXI No. 1 Jan-Mar, 2008.

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