Rutgers University

Some Places to Turn If You're Having Trouble

  • Think you might need a tutor? Click here for advice and listings of available tutors. And don't forget the instructor and the teaching assistants, all of whom are ready to help.
  • If your general study skills could use some sharpening up, consider seeking advice from one of the Learning Resource Centers; an online Study Guide offers sensible advice in the same vein.
  • Interactive microeconomics lectures on several introductory micro topics (supply and demand, elasticity, cost concepts, profit-maximizing supply, present discounted value), from Prof. Samuel Baker's health administration course at the University of South Carolina School of Public Health, featuring (not surprisingly) lots of examples from health economics.
  • Colorful graphical reviews and questions on most core topics in microeconomics, by John Gross, University of Wisconsin. You have to fork over $4.95 for a six-month subscription ($10 with on-line help). New material is added regularly; subscribers get email informing them of additions. Check out the free sample or go ahead and subscribe. I've gotten a number of positive reviews from students in recent semesters who have made this investment. I'm interested in further feedback on its value.