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Lecture Slides

Click the subject of the lecture you wish to review. I will generally post each lecture's slides later the same day. At the risk of pointing out the perfectly obvious, I suggest that viewing these slides on the Web is a poor substitute for attending class.

Lecture 1

Themes of Economics: Scarcity, Choice, and Opportunity Cost

Lecture 2

An Application of Opportunity Cost: The Gains from International Trade

Lecture 3

Supply and Demand I: Equilibrium Price and Quantity

Lecture 4

Supply and Demand II: Comparative Statics

Lecture 5

Price Controls and Black Markets

Lecture 6

Economic Incidence of a Per-Unit Excise Tax

Lecture 7


Lecture 8

Theory of Consumer Choice I: Budget Lines, Indifference Curves, and Demand Curves

Lecture 9

Theory of Consumer Choice II: Income and Substitution Effects and the Effect of Taxes on Labor Supply

Lecture 10

Supply and Profit Maximization

Lecture 11

Total, Average, and Marginal Productivity

Lecture 12

From Productivity to Cost Functions

Lecture 13

Short-Run Supply and Productivity

Lecture 14

Efficiency and Markets

Lecture 15

Cost and Supply in the Long Run I

Lecture 16

Cost and Supply in the Long Run II

Lecture 17

Input Markets

Lecture 18

Labor and Capital Markets

Lecture 19

Price and Output Determination Under Monopoly

Lecture 20

Topics in Monopoly Theory: Multiplant Monopoly, Cartels, Price Discrimination; Measures of Monopoly Power; Market Structure in the U.S. Economy

Lecture 21

Imperfectly Competitive Market Structures

Lecture 22

Regulation and Antitrust Policy

Lecture 23

Public Goods and Asymmetric Information

Lecture 24

Externalities and Environmental Economics

Lecture 25

Distribution of Income; Policy Approaches to Reducing Inequality and Poverty

Lecture 26

Overview and Review

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