Rutgers University

Before you hire a tutor...

Remember that Professor Blair and the teaching assistants hold office hours every week. (Don't forget: you've already paid for us.) We will be happy to

  • clarify difficult points in the text and lectures
  • offer hints if you're stuck in an assignment
  • diagnose course problems
  • help you to devise more effective approaches to learning the course material
  • advise on economics course and career options
  • I do not recommend the economics course tutoring services of the Learning Resource Centers. The tutors are selected with little or no input from the Department of Economics, so quality control can be a problem. Worse, the LRC tutors are usually completely out of touch with what is going on in our class. Consequently, many Economics 102 students have reported the LRC economics tutoring to be a waste of time. (I should note that my views on the LRCs differ from those of some of my colleagues. Anyway, approach with caution.)

    With these provisos, then, here's the current list of available economics graduate students interested in working as tutors. Their hourly rates vary with, well, supply and demand.