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  • Both the interactive diagrams and the accompanying text in these labs are works in progress. In several cases, some steps are functional while others are not. I have noted briefly in the text windows some features that I know are misbehaving. You may find others, and I would be interested in your comments.
  • Be patient in loading the labs, especially over a slow modem connection. They include some sizable (300-400KB) files that can take a few minutes to load. (Like everything else on the web, they load more quickly in places like the campus computer labs, which have faster connections.)
  • If it is easy to accomplish on your computer without rebooting, you may want to change your display resolution to 800x600.
  • The materials linked below are © Copyright 2002 Douglas Blair and Rutgers the State University of New Jersey.

1. Slope, average and marginal functions, and convexity

2. Correlation, regression, and sampling

3. Production possibility curves and comparative advantage

4. Supply and demand

5. Consumer choice

6a. Short-run cost and supply

9. Efficiency and market failure